Visual identity

A logo says a lot more about your business than you think!

The visual identity of your business is a graphic that most or often symbolizes your industry.

Usually accompanied by a signature (typography) that comes down to the name of the company in a cast of characters that has been carefully selected. This set form the visual identity of your business. Subsequently, we can also develop a lot of adaptations of this logo in a document (standards book).

What is it used for?

It’s the face of your business and it goes much further in the case of a brand. Your logo is supposed to convey the mentality of your company and its values … So a logo is used to identify you and to better recognize you.

We can help you!

visual identity

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A professional, solid and thoughtful graphic realization. Developed on a grid, with target to respect the standards of clarity and cutting-edge design!



1. Brainstorm

To better understand your needs and meet your expectations, we listen, we propose adapted solutions, you decide and we realize.

2. Production of models

Our designers offer models that aim to visualize the location of your website’s elements.

3. Web Integration

Once the design template is corrected and approved, the Web developer receives it and immediately begins the integration. It installs the content manager and integrates every part of the design into a computer, mobile and tablet version.

4. Web Programming

At this stage, some projects require more elaborate programming that can include reservations, online payments, forms of logins, etc.

5. Tests and referencing

We install your website on one of our dedicated and private servers and we present it to you so that you can see that the design meets 100% of your expectations. We perform tests and natural web referencing.

6. Official uploading

After your final approval, we put your website online.

Afterwards, we train the member of your team who will oversee your website’s modifications and updates.


Visual identity

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visual identity

What is the visual identity of a company?

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