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Imagine getting to know thousands of people without even knowing it!?!

Because the Web is that too! At the time of a meeting, especially for a company, the goal is to make a good impression and to be at its best!

We can help you!

Website design and development

Concept J Multimedia Inc. is a leading web design and development company that provides comprehensive and effective web development services. We provide a variety of website development solutions, ranging from creating a simple static webpage to the extremely complex nature of Web portals based on websites, websites, businesses and e-commerce.

Any website development divided into 2 parts:

Front-end & back-end development

Our team has expertise in the development of high quality custom web application projects and as needed. We use all the latest content management systems, all of which are state-of-the-art technologies to customize everything for you, from the front end to the most secure solutions, high performance and robustness. We have expertise in the following open source platforms:

  • 123Clik (our own developed CMS)
  • WordPress

Mobile application development

We provide interactive, award-winning mobile application development services with a strong customer base. Thanks to our best practices and experience in application development, we meet deadlines and budget. Our experience and knowledge of how users interact with the app helps to plan and execute the development of high-tech mobile applications.

We have expertise in the following mobile application platforms:

  • Android application development
  • IOS application development

Software development

We design and develop custom desktop software for Linux as well as for Windows.

Our developers design advanced software applications for portable devices as well as desktop versions.

Different types of software that we have developed such as:

  • School attendance software to synchronize with the biometric system.
  • Product Manufacturing Monitoring and process analysis software to analyze defects by providing various graphics for each process.
    Integrated system software for communicating with different applications using TCP / IP or UDP.

Account management (social) ex: facebook page, instagram, etc …

Company Website

Web page (showcase)


Software (POS)

UX/UI interface

Online Store



1. Brainstorm

To better understand your needs and meet your expectations, we listen, we propose adapted solutions, you decide and we realize.

2. Production of models

Our designer offers models that aim to visualize the location of the elements of your website.

3. Web Integration

Once the design template is corrected and approved, the Web developer receives it and immediately begins the integration. It installs the content manager and integrates every part of the design into a computer, mobile and tablet version.

4. Web Programming

At this stage, some projects require more elaborate programming that can include reservations, online payments, forms, logins etc …

5. Tests and referencing

We install your website on one of our dedicated and private servers and we present it to you so that you can see that the design meets 100% of your expectations. We perform tests and we perform natural web referencing.

6. Official uploading

After your final approval, we put your website online.

Afterwards, we train the member of your team who will be in charge of the modifications and updates of your website.


Web solutions





C and C++


Qt based application


Python-based application


Node JS


MVC-based framework


Application based on Lua


MySql for database management





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E-commerce is to make sales and purchases through electronic systems such as computer networks or…
strategy and brainstorm


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